Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bots Master RAP Intro

Pecos, our #1 favorite and ONLY commenter, mentioned the Bots Master Cartoon from the 90s in a comment the other day.  Props to Pecos.

I wasn't as familiar with it as I should have been.  The intro is a bad (I still like it) white guy style rap theme that resembles, to some extent, the same hip-hop fusion that The Leaders of the New School brought to the two albums they produced in the early 90s.  L.O.N.S. were part of the Native Tongues, their first album was produced by the Bomb Squad of Public Enemy fame, and Busta Rhymes was in the group.

So I was able to get the mp3 of the Bots Master Theme but I had to turn to "The World's Greatest Bots Master Page" on the internet to get the LYRICS to the song, which are impossible to understand.

Looking at the style of the old web page it warmed my heart to think that other splinters of the Sixth Borough can still turn up, simply on the World Wide Web.  Looking at "The World's Greatest Bots Master Page" made me think that back in the day, before the Sixth Borough broke apart, this very page could very well have been a part of Salamander Street, the place that used to have Bartunik's Arcade in the alley, where they sold peanut butter sandwiches and Lime Rickey's at the snack bar.  I can't PROVE that the "The World's Greatest Bots Master Page" is legitimately a transformed piece of the 6th, but I'm pretty sure.  Do you feel me?


  1. Props to Louis L indeed.
    I don't know though, being the only commenter on the shlog reminds me of the puppet shows I use to put on in my room as a kid. Only the stuffed toys, posters, and the action figures were privy to my genius.

    The ghost, rat, snowman, and computer might all just be physical manifestations of one mans thoughts.

    Maybe I should go back on thorazine and the commenting will stop all on its own.

  2. If anyone's reading this -- the key word Pecos used is GENIUS.

    I told you Melia! Pecos is basically advising to sell the house and put it all into the shlog!

  3. The word genius has become subjective Frank.
    Until the public is able to over come the pride of ignorance that prevails, the celebration of stupidity and lack of culture that has become commonplace. Maybe then you can get your come-uppings.
    Until that time comes, I wouldn't gamble the farm on the 6th and create a super-shlog.
    Monet, Manet, Poe, Gogh, Dickinson, Kafka, and others... not recognized soon enough.

    I try not to think if people are or are not reading the comments. I have seen the internet get treated as if it were a public toilet. No respect, just lewd and gross behavior. But the Shlog... the shlog is therapeutic. I treat it like a journal. Write some personal thoughts and quips maybe get a response, have a few laughs, get threats from a cheeky ghost, and then, then I keep it pushing.

    Also politics, its all politics right?

  4. Well, not to catapult myself away from this one time in history when I am somehow in the company of know geniuses, but the only time I ever ventured into politics was when I was named the President of my first grade class. It lasted till October 31st, when I came as Mickey Mouse and my Vice Pres (my best bud at the time, Louie Bruno) came as Dracula. Dracula brought in TWO sets of vampire fangs and gave me a pair, so by recess I was the feral Mickey Mouse, and me and Louie ran around the schoolyard trying to bite everyone. I was impeached the next day. All through elementary school there were kids who would call me the Evil Mickey Mouse. This girl Sandrine even did a loose-leaf comic strip about it which I would pay $100,000 to see today if I could.

    1. Hundred Grand? There is a dog eared copy of Flash Comics number 1 sitting in a dusty attic somewhere, probably worth that much. But then again it's no Feral Mickey and Count Bruno.

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