Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seinfeld, George Costanza's Parents, Me

The exterior to Seinfeld's apt. in the hit show, "Seinfeld" is actually in LA.  I took this screenshot on
Googoo Maps and twisted the view to get that palm tree in the shot.  He's supposed to live on 81st Street.
Everyone was fighting about it at the last Seinfeld Convention that I attended with my
excellent friend (and therapist) Bill the Snowman.  Bill is a big deal with the Seinfeld Convention
People, that's why they send the Ice Cream Truck to pick him up, and keep the AC set to "Hypothermia"
in the hotel where the Convention is held.  Bill's theories on Seinfeld can blow your brain into
75 pieces.  He believes the show to be the "key harmonic" to the universe.  I don't necessarily
agree with Mr. Freeze, but I do think the show is funny.  Especially Kramer.  And Elaine.
I like George too, don't get me wrong.  Do I like Jerry?  Maybe most of all.

Another discrepancy: George Costanza's parent's house on Seinfeld is supposed to be in Queens.
Well, it's not.  It's in the SIXTH BOROUGH.  You know how I know? 

I used to live across the street.  Right where that "A" is.  The shot they use in the show was almost
exactly the same as the view from my window.  This is, of course, way before I met my wife
and moved into Mr. Parfenix's building.  Hit me up if you're interested in attending the next
Seinfeld Convention.  You have to dress up as one of the characters.