Monday, February 25, 2013



  1. What does a vintage sign like that retail for?

    1. I don't know. 1000 bucks? 2000? Do you watch American Pickers?

    2. I can't say I do. I have been weaning myself off of television. I always hated daytime T.V, I found myself watching less primetime too. Then I got rid of cable, my brother got me a Roku box a while back, so when the occasional urge comes, I just watch some re-runs on Netflix or browse the criterion collection on Hulu.

    3. Mr. Parfenix is offering $250 and his famous "Sausage Fingers Foot Massage" for that sign.

    4. Mr. Parfenix says the Criterion Collection was better when it was on laserdisc. It's an amazing thing when you see the Janus Films title before a movie, though isn't it? That's a hell of a club. There are films from the 80's that have it, and it always feels weird if the movie is from too recent.

    5. I'm pretty sure Mr.P knows what hes talking about.

      I am not a film buff in the slightest way. But I have found my self really digging some of the pictures from ways back.
      I remember the experience of watching the German thriller M, starring Peter Lorre.
      It was amazing, no color, no special effects, and the language is foreign (although I studied German for 4 years, I can not understand it at all). Yet somehow it was able to forge a powerful and moving story. There was the monster, and not the Hollywood, Universal studio monsters, but a real life monster, preying on our most dearest things, the children. There was the buildup, the horror, the chase, and then they get him. It was interesting, I found myself feeling sorry for Lorre, not unlike what I felt for Mr.Gone (from the Maxx comic book series) when he reveals his tragic past. It really made me think of us as a people, as a community, as a society. We hate the bad guy, were the good guys right? But in those times, those instances when we become the bad guy, we are the monster. How do we handle it. We cannot cast ourselves away, can we? Who among us can remove our heart, cut out the bad part and continue living with just the "good" part of it?