Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Shadow


  1. It's not life he got used to. I smashed his brains in with a tub of ice cream

    1. Any particular flavor of iced-cream? I seem to prefer White Rose brand, Orange Sherbet.

      Talk about bitter sweet emotions. The rush of smashing a persons head with a tub of frozen dairy-dessert eventually turns to regret and remorse. The transition of emotions seem to flow at the same rate that the ice cream melts.

  2. Hey Pecos Lou,

    You're obsession with White Rose is impressive.

    I prefer Krasdale myself.

    I made my way over to some phony-looking website that said White Rose outsells Krasdale by almost 300 percent, earning something like 150 mil a year.

    Those phony looking sites are the real internet. They're like dirt roads and one horse towns. It's the other sites that you have to be suspicious of. Have you ever visited the Hannah Montana site? I swear, I almost got zapped by that machine in Tron that turns the orange into a video game. Youtube is like Vegas - you win sometimes, but in the end the house takes all your assets.

    1. White rose keeps it real. It's like with streetwear. Alot of premium brands like to state they are the ones keeping it real, running the streets. But when it comes down to it, when it comes down to the real, gritty, gutter dudes that are on the block holding it down. With the exception of the kicks, most of the gear they rocking is what they copped at V.I.M or Tom Dick and Harry (the spot on Broadway, J-line). They not rocking Supreme, Stussy, Bape, etc.
      Aspire to push the Benz and BM, but in the meantime you rocking the corolla and accord from a few generations back that ya moms lent-chu.

      And yes, I visit Hannah Montana site on a daily basis.

      PS. Speaking of Streetwear, what ever happened to ANYThing?
      -ONLYNY has a good vibe going and I appreciate the fact that alot of their gear is still made in NY. It's a sentimental thing, my old man had a cutting room business on 37th street, back when the garment center was still the garment center.

      I'm rambling.....