Monday, February 18, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Giraffe Eats Girl's FACE

You know how back in the day the British sent a bunch of their criminals over to Australia?
That's what the Puppet Population is like in the 6th Borough.  They're all bad.
This is how bad they are: Rubbish, my rat, who is 1/2 puppet (don't ask about the other half),
is the BEST BEHAVED out of all of them.  Pictured here are a group of friends, a coffee clatch
from the puppet side of town: who all made their way to the Sixth to escape some odd beef
from where ever they came from.  Jelly Giraffe is a ferocious safe-cracker, Harlequin Hippo is
a sexy con-artist, Beaks the Bird is a pathological liar/pickpocket and the Shalom the Shark is a
jewel-eater -- who also swims around public fountains and steals all the wish-pennies that
gather at the bottom (Due to all the stolen wishes he's actually quite lucky). 

Why just the other day, Jelly Giraffe got life imprisonment for eating off this girl's face.  The bird got
5-10 for photographing it.  You know what puppet prison is?  They assign the hand that operates you
to another project and lock you in a Boy Scout trunk with no mothballs.