Friday, February 15, 2013

Buzz-Cut & Flat-Top

Another strange and kinda lame Super-Duo from the 6th Borough.
Buzz-Cut (who needs a trim) & his sidekick Flat-Top.
While they got the hair-dos on lock, they could use a little flair with the costumes.
They're main powers are "Casting Shadows" & "Power-Stare"


  1. Sudsy has power stare too. If he looks at you long enough his eyes actually swallow you up and you're cast into the "void" which is the expansively dark and tidy universe under his sheet. While tea-time is actually quite lovely in the Void, the rest feels like the Math Test version of getting put through a meat grinder while being made to wear old school-boy clothes that are 3 times too tight.

  2. I read about the "void" in Daniel Paul Shrebers frightening book; "Memoirs Of My Nervous Illness."