Saturday, February 16, 2013

Astronauts Have Problems Too

Everyone's always like, "It must be so cool to be an Astronaut".
Well, I think that Astronauts have the same everyday problems as people do.
They're constantly playing with their cel phones.

They fight with their friends over silly things.
(These guys are arguing over who has the strongest handshake)

They can't eat ketchup without their dogs eyeballing their every move.

And sometimes, they even feel a little bit crazy.


  1. Rubbish, my good rat, you have a real way with misinterpreting situations.

    This is what's really going on:

    FRAME 1: The dudes have strapped on their Doc Martens and they're getting ready to do a Harlem Shake video with their cell phones - who are already dancing in the vamp-up before the voice says "Harlem Shake".

    FRAME 2: Space Football. They're shaking hands before a play, but the guy in the black helmet is doing that thing where you tickle the other guy's palm with your middle finger.

    FRAME 3: You would think that's a ketchup bottle but it's actually a PHONE shaped like a ketchup bottle that the astronaut got at Urban Outfitters. You were right about the dog though, he's waiting for some ketchup scraps.

    FRAME 4: This photo was actually drawn before they left mission control back at Cape Canaveral. The truth is: when it comes time to be shot into space NOBODY ever wants to go -- they come to their senses and tell the government to go fuck themselves. The government, is like, "you're on to us -- space is hell. But we have to keep up appearances! The internet placated the people for years, but they WANT SPACE! And you've gotta give it to them!" The government has to physically restrain, sedate, and lie to the astronauts -- so they can buy enough time to strike the match and light the fuse that makes the rocket blast off into the atmosphere. That ketchup dog is on board to chew threw the straps once the 'nauts make orbit.

  2. You two would do well interpreting ink blots.