Saturday, February 23, 2013

6th Borough: Delivery Ninjas

Are you a ninja?
Are you out of work?
Come to the 6th Borough and get immediate employment!
Chinese Food Delivery!  Taco Delivery!  Pizza Pie Delivery!  Candy Delivery!
The Sixth Borough needs ninjas to deliver food.
Because of the GANGS.
Gangs, who strive so hard to be different from each other, are united in one thing:
copping hot food off of delivery guys.  Stealing their bikes too.
In the 6th, having a delivery bike is STATUS.
The gang situation in Zaghaven is at Defcon-5.  Or at Defcon-1.  Whichever is the bad one.
Gangs are crazy here.  Candy vapors provide gumption.  Everyone gets carried away.
Styles, assisted by Venusian clothing merchants, light-up, turn invisible, and float.
Block Parties go for weeks, often giving music the opportunity to firm up, take on human form
and enjoy some BBQ.  Corner chilling goes so deep it brings snow.
Dance Hall Nights can hold off the Sun itself till Suppertime the next day.
Fighting is devious.  Cyber-tronics, telekinetics, skywriting.  A favorite is to turn someone's
Pen Pal against them.  Swapping a tagger's spraypaint for disappearing spraypaint.
Gang mascots, common in the 6th, are the favorite to fuck with.
Because there are cartoons in the 6th, erasing is big part of the violence.

SOME 6th Borough GANGS

Zebra Council (they hold sway, keepers of the 6th Borough sceptre).
Young Venus
Potato Crew
Odor Eaters
Floor Filth
The Ice Buckets
Road Kill Revenge
Pizza Pack
The Sprinkles
Juicy Juice
The Gremlins
The Panty Rips
The Duck Defenders
The "CLUB"