Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sixth Borough: Bridge to the Candy Factory

Unless you've been invited and they send for you, or you catch a sneak tour by paying one of the
truckers to get you in through one of the Tunnels, the only way to get to the Zephyr
Candy Factory in the Sixth Borough is to take this Bridge.  If you think those waters look
like they got gators in 'em, don't worry -- they're completely mechanical. 

1 comment:

  1. As a child I visited a third wild nation south of the border. You know one of those banana republics where sugar and coffee are the main export. Anyways, while there I visited a zoo where one of the entrances had a bridge not unlike the one to the candy factory. Once inside the zoo grounds, there was a lovely cage for the gators. Or were they crocodiles? In any case, it was a large old timey looking cage. Almost like the top half of vintage bird cage, but on a massive scale that surrounded the pool where the gators were. As a child I found the bridge, and cage the most interesting part of the zoo. I could care less for the animals.