Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"That's So Sixth Borough"

Woody Woodpecker's brother never made the bigtime like Woodrow did.  It was weird because
while growing up he was the one who got the girls.  He was cooler, blonder, and better at lacrosse
than Woody ever was.
But he never made it in cartoons.  He almost had a show set up in the 90s when Cartoon Network was
getting their shit together and Nickelodeon put on Ren and that cat.  He shot a pilot on his own
dime but apparently it was too similar to Power Puff Girls (I've never seen it).
He moved to Zaghaven like 3 years ago, changed his name from Walter Woodpecker to Pikaro Pan,
and opened this bakery/restaurant, which is pretty disgusting but Rubbish the Rat says is