Monday, February 11, 2013

Sob Story (A Capella) by The Smell

I finally scored Mr. Parfenix's New Wave Record when he was with his band The Smell in the 80's.
As far as I can tell there was no one else in the group but him and no instruments.
Just a dashing young Mr. P doing spooky voice with some effect pedals.
It's great!
All the songs are under 30 seconds and most of them are super repetitive.
I wouldn't exactly call it genius, but I will say, "It's Cheap As Hell" -- just the way I like it.


  1. Mr. P is the best Pigeon Record I ever heard.
    I always thought pigeons could sing those throaty sounds from there necks.
    Mr. P has proven me wrong... for once.
    What range! Such pitch!
    A lyrical genius!

    Gets me hyped up.
    Just like Frankie in the photo.

  2. Computer Head's down.
    He just mumbled "Killer track Pigeon Guy"

  3. Replies
    1. You should start your own group to go verse Odd Future, called No Future.
      You could have gigs where you all you do is bring a tv and a folding chair on stage.
      Then you just watch shows and commercials for a half hour. You could click between
      Ridiculousness and American Pickers, maybe get some Cartoon Network in there.

      As an encore you could text one of your friends.

    2. 4 WORDS?!??!
      By this time next year you MIGHT be up to 6 words.

    3. My therapist said beating up teenagers is good for my self-esteem

    4. My therapist, Bill the Snowman, said that Luca had failed on 6 consecutive occasions, to bring Bill the kind of seltzer that he likes. I keep trying to explain to Bill that Luca is our intern in name only and that he doesn't really do that kind of thing. Bill said that he doesn't like Canada Dry, he only likes Seagrams. I said, "You're missing the point. He didn't bring you ANY seltzer. It was me who gave you a SIP of my Canada Dry, yesterday." "I hate Canada Dry," said Bill. I said, "It's just seltzer! Seltzer's seltzer!" Bill rolled his eyes at me,"Both you AND Luca are completely brainless. Why can't you get this simple thing right? I need seltzer goddammit. It fuels my reasoning faculties. Without my sense of reason this whole shlog goes straight to the nutty bin. You guys should be treating me like a prince! Now go fetch me a seltzer!"

      That's what Bill's like when he doesn't have his seltzer.

    5. Well can you blame him?
      Seltzer the elixir of the gods!

  4. "You must hear The Smell so that you can truly smell me." - Mr. P in 1989.
    Bringing new meaning to the term, "Smell Ya Later."