Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Skunk Game

The Skunk Game is probably the most competitive of all the games we play in the Apartment.
It started with this board game, then we all agreed that after 20 minutes, it had run it's course.
It was time to take it to another level and incorporate the Skunk Game into our daily lives.
I'm one of the stronger players because I'm always hanging out with my loser rodent friends
 in some garbage can or  dumpster.
Sudsy is a decent player because I've never seen him shower, but he does splatter bleach
on himself while he's mopping the bathtub.
Bill is sorta unstoppable because of his "Freezer Burn" style.
Computer Head uses his self proclaimed "Nacho Technique" which is kinda cheesy.
BUT, the real hands down winner of Skunk is.... MR. Parfenix.  And he doesn't even play.
He's got 12 Golden Skunk Trophies (Frankie's sweat socks w/ a white-out stripe painted down the side)
 hanging in his coop.  LONG LIVE THE CHAMPION!!!!