Saturday, February 2, 2013


The Jiggler Fam have a special place in the Apartment.
Originally, they were supposed to be finger-puppets.
But then I got into using them as Toe Puppets.

But then they started complaining that my feet smell and that's it's dark and cramped in my sneakers.  So I let them move into one of my many lavish dollhouses.  They're happy there.
From left that's Bilger, Bumble, Blobby, Jazzbo, Buckwild, Bogus, and Ben.

To pay the rent, they still have to perform on my toes once in while.
Usually, I like to wear them when we have company.  I take my shoes off and wiggle my toes
and my guests sit there, watching me.  It's fun.


  1. Ah yes Frankie. THE RENT!!! By he way if I don't get my rent, I'm going to up it for those lodgers you have performing on your toes. Now GIMME MY RENT!!!

    1. Chill and give me a few days. I have a check coming in the mail from my publisher's. It's royalties on my hit book Kangaroo Hitler -- about a legendarily evil kangaroo who hated koala bears.

  2. Jigglers are a good bunch of guys. It's so funny to eavesdrop on them, they're always talking about each other.