Saturday, February 2, 2013

First of the Month / Tampon Jetpack

Mr. Parfenix, half man.

Just kidding.

Mr. Parfenix half man, half pigeon.  MIGHTY LANDLORD.  Supervillain Supremo.

It's funny how the "First of the Month" is also Mr. Parfenix's "Time of the Month".  What's funnier is how he rolls with two tampons strapped to his back for the whole week, just in case.  Looks sort of like a jetpack.  Such a funny, warm, interesting individual.  And the way he said RENT like 8 times at the end of the message?  A LOT of his sentences end that way.  His sandwiches too.  He likes to put 5-dollar bills on his hoagies instead of lettuce.  He might be the most cut-rate not-really-rich Scrooge McDuck the world has ever know, but he's all ours.

TAMPON JETPACK courtesy of Computer-Head's ill PHOTOSHOP skills.

And just becuase it's a lot to think about, I'm bringing back that number one jam from my crossword puzzle post. THINKING.