Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pretzel Street

Okay, this is Pretzel Street.  It's a study for an animation.  Pretzel Street is where all the
anthropomorphic Pretzels live in the 6th Borough.  They use pretzel sticks as lumber.  They are against classic pretzel shape.  They used every ounce of life to untwist.


1.  That sky-bouncer HANDBALL in the sky is the Sixth Borough SUN.  Due to the time-lag in the 6th, the natural sunlight we get is weak.  So - we heated up a Sky-Bouncer and catapulted it into orbit.

2.  That grass trim at the horizon point is SUSHI GRASS.  We grow it here in Zaghaven, harvest it, and sell it to Japanese restaurants around the world. If I forgot to include it as one of our main industries, it's because we get so killed on the shipping, it's not even really worth it.

3. You should see the Pretzel Skyscraper.

4. You can still eat these Pretzels.  Kids wait near the airport and try to catch those Pretzel Airplanes in their mouths.


  1. Computer-Head smokes old shoelaces. He wets them, then lets them dry on the radiator. They get stiff, and he lights up. He says it makes him feel - tied up - then loose - then tied up again - then loose. It's something about the stored memory pattern on the shoelace.