Friday, February 8, 2013


If you're from the Sixth Borough, you know the famous novelty shop Dong Yew, that, at this point in
time, has seen way better days.  Still, one of my favorite things to do is hit the back or, better,
the attic, where they have all that good junk from the 70's.  That's where I found Flippo,
who I sincerely still can't determine if he's the best or worst toy ever.  The Duck that lives in his
head is DEFINITELY the worst but Flip himself has some interesting political views.  He thinks
there should be some new, funnier street signs, as well as all Pizza should be free, just the same as
human beings are.  I was able to bargain Debbie, one of the owners of Dong Yew down from
20 dollars to 5 -- which was an utter failure because 50¢ was what I had in my head.  It
ain't easy chilling with Rubbish the Rat who firmly believes that everything in the whole
world, massages included, should cost one solitary quarter -- and that there should be a slot
for said quarter at every single payment opportunity.