Friday, February 1, 2013

Pencil Street, Zaghaven, NY

Photo of Pencil Street in the 6th Borough.  Pencil Street is a HOLDOUT.  One of the 6th Borough
neighborhoods that was in danger of being forgotten completely, but somehow is managing to hang on.
Yes, I know it looks like a drawing - but then, there are a lot of parts of Zaghaven that are SKETCHY
like that.  It's what happens when a neighborhood is neglected.  Some of these streets function
sort of as a cartoon, while others have made a transition to almost completely STILL drawings.
QUESTION: Do you become a cartoon when you are on a cartoon street?
ANSWER: If my reflection in the glass of Al's Loans means anything, YES.
QUESTION: Is it harder to walk down a street that is just a STILL drawing?
ANSWER: Yes.  It's almost impossible.  You enter, become a drawing, then hope
to become another drawing, farther down the street.  People with weak wills have
become permanent fixtures on Pencil Street.  Like that sexy blonde in the red dress.  She was
on her way to a "business meeting" nearly 3 years ago.
QUESTION: Was Pencil Street always called Pencil Street, even before it became a drawing?
ANSWER: You'd have to ask an old-timer.  It's been called Pencil Street as long as I've been around.


  1. Now this is ART!

    Vibrant metropolis scene in all its glory! There's a dude that stole a chicken from Ed's Market, while Ed is calling for help. The two teen roller skaters are like, "what do you want from us?"
    The street walker in red is a nice touch. The dog watering the hydrant is keeping it real, but that drunk in the second story window is starting to worry me. That pimp-mobile tail-fins are out of this world!
    It concerns me that Shmider-man is right there next to the robbers.
    Not sure if he is stopping them or assisting them. In any event the dude at Rons stoop is chilling in the cut, bleeding out and no one seems to care enough to call the fuzz.

    -Awesome on several levels

    1. I'm sure they called the fuzz, are or in the process of trying to will themselves closer to the phone, ages ago. But things move SLOW on Pencil Street.

  2. Sometimes I wish I could become the sewer grate on Pencil Street.