Friday, February 8, 2013

Merms: A Photo Submitted By Luca Da Gawd

It's like 6 years running and this Merm thing is still on.
Merms (Murms), are the big $700 Marmot jackets that kids rob and knife each over.
I went to Paragon Sporting Goods with Luca, my untern, and he couldn't help but lose his breath as he
waved his hand over the rack of sad poof.


  1. Replies
    1. Luca Da Gawd taking over the internet one word every 2 weeks.

    2. Word. Luca Da Gawd is like, "Food?" Then you don't hear from him cuz he thinks he's so wavy.

    3. Can't really blame him though. He types on a keyboard with his forehead.

    4. Well, we always said he was talented. We should do a show where we film him dealing with a laptop. If Luis Buñuel thought his films were surreal...

    5. I thought his best talent was mumbling his take-out order for boneless spare rib combination lunch special at Golden Forest near his school.
      Luca thinks the word "what" actually means "yes sir".
      Which is common in CERTAIN people.

    6. What!
      I think we may have found Luca's Bart Simpson type catch-phrase.

    7. Me & Frankie are gonna start texting each other over the comment section of the blog.
      It's gonna go something like this:
      Rubbish: Can you believe the weather people named the blizzard coming to NY Nemo?

      Frankie: They did?!?!? The storm didn't stop Eddie the mailman from bringing me this really neat rusty tin octagon I won on eBay. This is the month of the octagon after all!

      Rubbish: right. Can I please borrow your wallet to put on my foot so I can walk in the snow later?

      Frankie: yeah sure. Don't lose my ATM card again ok. Here's my pin # in case you need it ready?

      Rubbish: well, if you insist

      Rubbish: Hello?


      Rubbish: where'd you go??? :(

    8. Now I"M confused.

      While the above comment by Rubbish is a "dramatization" - it did make me yearn for a rusty tin octagon. Remember kids, there are shots for tetanus, so don't be afraid of a little rust!

    9. Rust is just another word for mature.

  2. I'm not surprised. Wearing sleeping bags always seemed like a no-brainer to me.

    1. I think you're on to something. We should make our own kind of Merms out of disgusting used nubby baby blankets from the Salvation Army. Pee stains, the whole deal. That would be wavy.

  3. Still though, it's a great photo and I'm glad that Luca Da Untern is submitting current and cutting visual content to the blog...
    Sort of.
    Kind of.

  4. Replies
    1. Not people, just teenagers and people who work at the UTZ factory.

  5. I miss the simple days when kids were knifing each other over Jansport strings. Now a string inside another string is something I can stand behind. For a detailed history of the infamous book bags, read this one-post blog:

    1. I remember all that Jansport string stuff from Bronx Science. Bronx Science kids were scared the hell out of the legend of the Decepticon gang. It was always being said, the Decepticons are coming down today. The other local High School in the North Bronx near Science was DeWitt Clinton, and there were supposed to be mad Decepts there. But only this one kid Owen, an acid freak, actually ever got stomped by the Decepts, because he went to buy Angel Dust at the D Train. I don't know what happened to Owen but he definitely got his ass kicked. But the Jansport bags and strings were popular with the Jewish kids from Riverdale on some different shit (they didn't steal them but they did collect them) that in a weird way is the same as the hard kids from BK.

      I was Eastpak down, since before high school. In middle school I tried an old school military green backpack but the straps dug into my shoulders. Then I tried a classic Puma carry bag but my loose-leaf binder was awkward in it. That's when I found the Eastpak chilling in the same store in Jackson Heights where my mom bought me Voltron.