Monday, February 4, 2013


Colored Pencils on a Doodle Pad.  I think this is a "copying" not a tracing.  You know how sometimes people
cry when they look at paintings?  I felt like that a little when I first saw this pillow.  
My dad had a pillow that was "his pillow" and it was as flat as a tortilla.  But that's not why I think this is
emotional.  It's just so damn soft.  
At Frankie's Apartment, we basically like to not-like Disney.  But Dopey came before they all lost their
minds over there.  I bet you this drawing wan't even made by a kid. I bet you it was made by an adult,
who could sort of draw.  Maybe it was drawn for a kid.
And the logo!  It reeks of Metal-head back-of-denim-jacket painting.
Back in junior-high, we used to dis each other left and right by calling guys "soft".
"Yo, you're soft!"
Head mush.  Scuffle.  Flush cheeks.
"I hate that kid Jason, he's so soft."
Throw french fries at him from two cafeteria tables away.  He makes like he didn't notice.
Or like with music.  Bobby McFerrin is the softest.  I had had that shit on LP, though son.