Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mr. Parfenix EMAIL time


$15 dollar Jordan knockoff gifted to Mr. P by Luca Da Gawd.  Luca thought he could flip them on eBay
for $150 but got shook.


  1. $150 Jordans? What are Jordans? Is it a Jordache knockoff?

    Don't get shook Gawd!

  2. Just a quick word. The Glue Gun Gang didn't use actual glue guns. They used Shoo Goo.

    1. I heard Mr.P has Couch Potato's Foot (just like Athlete's Foot, except way worse).

    2. Ack-chully, Mr. P suffers from many ailments.

      1. Scrambone Syndrome (not so common in humans or pigeons, most often found in dog biscuits).
      2. Mildewsia - a disorder characterized by keeping mold and mildew as "pets".
      3. Amnesia
      4. Almost-Diabetes
      5. Alcoholism
      6. Potatophobia - yes, fear of potatoes -- our NUMBER ONE favorite thing to do is watch this guy eat french fries
      7. Bloodlessness - he had his blood replaced with Marachino Cherry Syrup 15 years ago
      8. New Wave Ear - no matter the music, he hears the new wave version in his head
      9. Baseball Depression - when the Mets aren't playing
      10. Brown's Syndrome - Wherein the subject is sexually attracted to Paper Bags, and takes them out to dinner and to the opera.