Monday, February 4, 2013

Hate Food

I started with "Soup of Disgust" and the "Curmudgeon Plate",
"Quit Breaking My Chops" & "Piss Off Stroganoff" as my mains (I ALWAYS order 2 entrees)
and the "Contempt Cake" for dessert.  All yum!


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  2. This actually IS very informative. Learn something new everyday!
    Very well explained Rubbish!
    Great information, especially the part about "contempt cake."

    PS. Hey, maybe its time for the F-Apt crew to start thinking about leaving Zaghaven and setting up camp in CUMBERLAND HARBOUR. I hear its the perfect location for all your aquatic pleasures.
    Who doesn't dream of living in the burbs right?

    "Much has been written about what makes a great city, with recent theories placing walkability atop the list of favorable assets, deeming suburbs among the least desirable, most unsustainable, most culturally insular places to live."