Thursday, February 7, 2013

Girlfriend For Computer Head?

I think I may have found a Girlfriend for Computer Head!  She was meant for him:
Teaches Computer Fundamentals (check!), Never a Mess to Clean Up (perfect!), has Class (Strike 1!)
& she's a Burglar Alarm (we could use security with all these decomposing comic books laying around).
Not to mention the price! Which is only double of what Frankie paid for him back in the 80's.


  1. While this is an extraordinarily nice and out-of-character gesture, Rubbish, Computer-Head swears to God he's happy just "playing the field". As far as I can tell, he's "hung out" with almost all the available female electronic units in Mr. Parfenix's entire building.

    I know that he's particularly fond of my Transistor Radio that's shaped like some square-assed butt in a pair of jeans.

    But then he's always macking on our toaster ("She's a pop-tart, pro, dude, don't even," says Computer-Head.)

    He's definitely had sex with at least three of the coin-op washing machines in the basement.

    Mr. Parfenix, try to his villainry, has an old school, wood-paneled tv with a 6 inch screen, that he watches from 80 feet away so as "not to go blind". I know Computer-Head used to get freaky with her. They'd get stoned by watching old infomercials on rewind.

    Then there's my old VCR. Maybe we should stop talking about this.

    1. The visuals created in my mind are disturbing. I wonder what setting the washing machines were at when C-Head got biz-zee with them.

      Dude, don't ever use that VCR again!

  2. Also I hear there's a sale on computer Anit-Virus software. Might wanna check that out if "playing the field" and "hanging out" are on the agenda.