Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrifty Thrills

It's only fair that the the thrift store with the #1 BEST name in America is also the country's absolute
WORST thrift store inside.  They were selling:
1. Used band-aids (granted they were Sponge-bob issue).
2. All the Barbara Streisand records you could ever dream about (actually they only had all the
later Barbara Streisand records you could dream about.  When it comes to Streisand you gotta stick
with her first record.  Maybe her 2nd.  Well -- her Christmas record is a classic too.  I guess you could
say that her Halloween record is alright.  But they didn't have any of those.)
3. Over-priced sweater sleeves with dried boogers on them.  I like my sweater sleeves to be attached to
to sweater torsos, thank you very much.
4. Cookies.