Thursday, January 24, 2013

BREAD CRUMBS by Mr. Parfenix

My landlord, the Pigeon-Man/Criminal-Mastermind/Backgammon-Cheater/Helluva-Guy now has his own part of the blog/shlog/site/show.  He's crazy, so grains of salt are encouraged.  Even though he claims to be an "expert" on the 6th Borough (ZAGHAVEN), you gotta remember that he's got that pigeon perspective that makes his observations kind of like that Egyptian Dance everyone used to do when King Tut was mad popular.  Plus, he likes to confuse. Also, he's got that alcohol perspective that tends to put all references and directions in relation to the nearest Irish Bar.  Still, he flies, he pecks, he chills on stools and in booths, so you should at least hear him out.