Friday, January 18, 2013

6th Borough Puddle / The Candy Factory

The Green Slime Puddles in the 6th Borough are interesting to say the least.  They have many fine
qualities in addition to being radioactive and disgusting.
1. They are the good kind of radioactive, like the radioactive spider kind of radioactive.
2. They share similar chemical properties to that of TCRI's green ooze.
3. They are deep.
4. They are so deep that if you step into one, you will sink below the ground.
5. If you are an experienced 6th Borough Dweller, you can maneuver once in the puddle, and
will yourself to come up and out of another puddle.
6. That means that they act, in a way, as a teleport.
7. More accurately, they act as a tesseract.
8. Once purified, they make a terrific beverage.
9. If you don't purify, the beverage tastes even better.
10. The puddles are 100% waste from the Candy Factory, which, if you haven't heard, produces
some really weird candy.

Glimpse of The Zephyr Candy Factory in Blue Kills, Z.