Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Cometman

Old Comet-Man is crazy.  He flies around the Zaghaven skies all day, "on patrol".  He's down with a
few other bootleg superhero maniacs - Shmiderman and Batbro (aka Mr. Lavender).  Technically, they're a
gang, and they like to be categorized as "Good Guys" but they're whole thing is that they're knockoff/bootleg/copycat weirdos -- so they're more like "Medium Guys".  Or more like "Guys You
Should Avoid At All Costs".  Being Bootleg means you tend to lie a lot.  If you ask anybody in
the "Life Isn't Fair Posse" (their Justice League name), if they ever saw any movie or read any book,
they ALWAYS say yes.  If you ask them what it's about they just adlib.  It's actually pretty amazing.
Oh yeah, I forget to mention that Mr. Parfenix used to be in the Life Isn't Fair Posse but they kicked
him out for shitting all over their headquarters (the bodega on Mold St. and Sorgum Ave).