Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zebra Burger truck


  1. Funny think about zebras is that they're striped on the inside, the same as they are on the outside - so that the Zebra-Burgers sold from this truck are striped just like zebras are. Other striped things I like include: candy canes, pizza guy shirts, and ghostbuster traps. I actually like polkadots better than stripes. Zig-zags are good. Houndstooth is OK. Checkerboard rocks. Solid is awesome. Invisible is great. Glow-In-The-Dark is tight. I like both slime and fire design.

    1. Funny think about zebras is that they taste a little bit like houndstooth

  2. The funny thing about "funny think" is that it's the only kind of thinking I seem to do these days. I enjoy funny thinking over funny sleeping, but then funny walking is maybe just about the best. Funny eating can be a little too disgusting, and funny drowning can be dangerous. I like funny looking and funny talking, as well as funny dancing but funny breathing can lead to hiccups.

  3. Remember when I held your ears in and you made funny eyeballs to get rid of your hiccups the other night? That was funny too.