Monday, January 28, 2013

Leprechauns: Best or Worst Holiday Mascot

I'm obsessed with the new hit cartoon, "The Leprechauns".  It is so good and funny.  I love the little
shantytown that they live in and I love all the stuff about gold in them.  I like The Leprechauns
better than The Smurfs.  They are magical and mischievous.  How can you get better than that?
I love how they have funny voices and always make people look dumb.  That's funny.
I also like the dog-leprechaun character and that other character they have who is like some
kind of even-smaller, cuter leprechaun-ghost named Tricks.

The thing I like best about Leprechauns is that the bad guys are everybody else.  All the humans, no
matter how nice they are, become the bad guys when they deal with Leprechauns.  That's because
Leprechauns bring out the worst in us.  That's also funny.  Maybe one day I'll record some of the
Leprechauns cartoon and show it to you.