Friday, January 18, 2013

Jake Chooses A Chair

In addition to doing the voice for my refrigerator therapist, Bill the Snowman, Jake Rubin also spends
time writing on his computer and hurting his back.  He writes fiction, screenplays, jokes, and articles.
In order to help him remain healthy and not decrepit, he's delving deep into the world of
ergonomic chairs.  We spent all of Tuesday in this scary old-future skyskraper where they
had chairs stacked to the ceilings, chair-themed tables, and chair-embroideries on their shirts.
The salesmen were all THX-style shaved-bald future guys in orange jumpsuits, that sat in wheeley-chairs
and sort of scooted around, sitting in them, pushing themselves off of walls and down the halls.
Jake's mind slowly started to unravel, due to the sheer amount of choice.  Choice, and
that age-old question: "When sitting, should your knees be higher than your butt or
is it the other way around?"  You'd think these chair-guys could have come up with a
factually-supported answer, but they couldn't.  I had to leave Jake there because I had an
appointment with a slice of pizza, and the word is, he's still there, deciding between the Aeron and
the leather coated monstrosity that the dudes at Goldman Sachs all sit upon.