Friday, January 25, 2013

Curlylock in Felt

The Curlylock, aka the "mantle" of Kid America.  Kid America still rocks street patrol in the 6th.
You can catch him out there if you're looking, but squinting helps because he really likes staying
Two-Dimensional these days.  Mostly, he's in the old record store, but sometimes he's
on a wall, or using a periscope, or sitting on a lamppost.


  1. Replies
    1. Did you know that when a ghost is asleep you can literally blow them away? They're like those wish-weeds in the forest. Their molecules are barely sticking together as it is. The trick is to trap chunks of these molecules in separate ghost-tight jam-jars and sell them on the side of the road. There's nothing like a little ghost-jelly spread on a morning bagel (especially if it's from Bagelopolis on Sorgum Avenue!). We tried to do this with Sudsy, but we could never trap his gloves and they overpowered us in the end and got back the rest of his molecules. Bill the Snowman put a serious dent into a jar of Sudsy's back-molecules - back molecules that Sudsy will never get back. Maybe that's why Sudsy is so obsessed with Bill. Well, he was always obsessed with Bill, let's be honest. When I first got the fridge and we discovered Bill inside it, Sudsy thought maybe Bill was gonna be on his side... But how can you be on someone's side if they've drawn the line completely around themselves?

    2. The molecular construction of ghosts! I can only imagine the amount of research that went into figuring this out.

    3. Sir! Are suggesting that I DIDN'T "research" the molecular construction of ghosts?? I'm the sap that lives with a ghost! Besides, research is easy. You go to the library, pick a nice corner spot at a table and you put your head down. When you wake up, you're fresh with ideas and you right them down... AFTER you go outside and get a hot dog. Actually you write them down a few days later and you EMBELLISH them to suit the amount of space you need to fill up on the paper.

      Anyway, we just stumbled on the whole Sudsy molecule thing. Mr. Parfenix was trying to blow "sweet nothings" into Sudsy's ear after he'd knocked off from drinking two gallons of Clorox. Sudsy broke up and parts of him were floating around the room. We would have left it at that but there were all these whispers of classic Sudsy phrases floating around the room too. That's when we broke out the jars. So you see? It's all very studious and journalistic after all.

    4. Someone needs to draw and animate that anecdote!

  2. I notice a lot of Sudsys comments are posted VERY early in the AM. 3am, 5am, which I thought was weird. But then again Ghost are nocturnal right?