Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Phantom Key Food

Sudsy, my ghost, isn't all bad. He does keep the house clean and he does trim my nose hairs, and he does
do the food shopping.  Since he's a ghost, he's got a free ticket to shop at all the really top-notch
Phantom Supermarkets.  Phantom Supermarkets start out as haunted supermarkets, but eventually the ghosts
win and take over daily operation.  Sudsy's  favorite is this old Key Food, run by a spectronic Family since '76.
The only downside to shopping at Phantom-Supermarkets is that the food is not necessarily "fresh".
Sudsy made his top ten list of products from the Phantom Key Food:
1. Old Jello.
2. Rotten fruit.
3. Petrified Meat.
4. Cotton Candy.
5. Hi-C Ecto-Cooler.
6. Turkish Delight.
7. A wide selection of nuts.
8. Brains (for Zombies).
9. They have a really good cutlery section for some reason.
10. Wilted lettuce.

If you've been to the Phantom Key Food, please let me know what products you like to purchase from their shelves.