Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Taste: Dead Michael Jackson Decoration

Today in Sunset Park, BK, in a laundromat.

I do love that the British press were unified in calling MJ "Wacko" no matter what.  He deserved it
because he desperately wanted to be called the King of Pop.  And because he was crazy.


  1. I never cared for MJ.
    I don't care for anyone who likes MJ.
    I don't even like people who look like MJ.
    AS a matter of fact, I want nothing to do with anything even closely associated with MJ.
    BUT, I do like Dead MJ's red jacket though.

    1. Somehow when you say MJ I feel like you're saying something else.

  2. I like Weird Al's parodies. Almost as silly the songs he makes fun of.