Monday, January 28, 2013

Zaghaven Power Plant

The Sixth Borough is powered by this guy.  What you see is the head of the giant robot, NUMLOCK.  The
rest of his body is under there, buried 50 stories closer to the core.  Numlock used to do all that space
fighting stuff, back in the day -- he chilled with all the greats -- Votron, Mazinger, Grandizer, Dangard,
Goldorak... even Daltanias the Godsphinx.  After a particularly hard night of partying with the fellas,
he fell to Earth and landed in Blue Kills Park on the North Side of the 6th.  He terrorized everybody a little
bit, and even obliterated the neighborhood of Floorchester, but higher-ups at the Zephyr Candy Factory
struck a deal with him to settle down in Zaghaven and quit the space-robot business.  Zephyr was in need of
more power to help them meet rising Licorice orders, so, in exchange for sucking energies out of the ground,
Numlock is basically undergoing a 24/7 spa treatment.  There are technicians servicing his
insides at all times, keeping him perfectly tuned up.  The "rooms" inside his body are
exquisitely decorated, and if you're lucky enough to get a ticket to take a tour of his torso, it culminates in
his liver (an enormous ampitheatre) where Numlock gives an astounding video lecture about space travel,
star-milk, and alien muzak.  This is Numlock's favorite, because everyone loves to hear themselves talk
and he could never get a word in edgewise with those other, more famous robots.  Especially that
Votron guy who was just a terrible conversationalist.  


  1. I will petition Mattel inc, to make an action figure of NUMLOCK. I would imagine they would make it like the Shogun Warriors toys from a few decades back.

    They should also bring out alternative versions; CapsLock and ScrollLock!

    1. Pecos Bill. You are right. Capslock and Scrolllock are like old family members that come from deep space to bring Numlock back into the game. But he's been domesticated. He's like, "They polish my eyes from the inside. They dustbust my abdomen. They have 20 guys on permanent oil-can duty -- just for my nervous system. It's better than caviar."

  2. YEah! I heard Voltron wouldn't shut his &%#$)@! mouth