Monday, January 14, 2013

Flushed Down the Toilet

Ever wonder where "things" end up when you flush them down the toilet?
No one was around last Friday, so for fun, I flushed myself down the john.
After a long and wild water-slide ride, I got spit out into this sloppy stream in Blue Kills Park.
When I came to, there was none other than Mr. Parfenix sitting there reading the newspaper and
munching on some 
soggy bread he found washed up by the river.
I reached out my hand for him to help me out, but he wouldn't have none of it.
"How do I know where that hand's been?"
"The toilet!", I replied.
He thought about it for a second then proceeded to fish me out of the scummy waters.
What a pal!


  1. Why is a toilet called "The John"?
    Sir John Harrington of England in the 1500's is credited with the earliest version of the "Flush" toilet.
    Thomas Crapper (best name ever?) furthered the invention in the 1800's. He was also from England.
    And you want to know what else?
    So is Sudsy.

    1. So your saying the Britons are full of crap?

      Also, That is entirely too much info for a rat to know about the history of the toilet.
      The unsung hero of modern society!

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