Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Williamsburg Police Station Is A Bit Small, No?

Word is that a miniature, Hasidic, Dr. Who-type works out of the Lee Ave. Police Station in
Williamsburg.  He carries a shrink-ray instead of a glock and keeps all the robbers in bird-cages.
He drives an old Matchbox car, lives on those miniature gummi hamburgers and
wears a thimble as a hat that he painted black so he looks like a keystone cop (but also a Hasidic guy).
He's actually standing right there in the weeds under the AKER tag, but he's so small you can't see him.


  1. Got bagged out in willy-B once, ended up in this joint. Birdcages AND hamster cages are the holding cells.

    1. C'mon Frankie, what Pecos got pooped for is his own personal business. Speaking of personal business and speaking of police officers... where are those dozen powdered donuts you promised me? I kept my end of the bargain and remember no one likes a welcher, except maybe me.