Tuesday, November 27, 2012

70's Pattern For Cracked Out Batman Costume

Batman and Robin?  No way, it's Batman and Batman Jr.!

I know one thing.  If I got busted by this Batman I'd be terrified.  I mean, he looks insane.
This look reminds me more of this TV-movie called Dark Night of the Scarecrow about a mentally challenged
man who lives on a farm and is regularly terrorized by this crew of rednecks.  One night he hides
in the clothes of his scarecrow, then gets up on the crow-post and just waits.  The rednecks go nuts
and have a great time killing him.  As luck would have it, the mentally challenged guy
comes back to life as a killer not-mentally-challenged undead Scarecrow and seeks his revenge.

Little Batman.

If you make the costume you can use the gloves to work the register at the supermarket too!

Even though the Chrysler Building definitely isn't in Gotham City, I just want to give props
to the Chrysler Building.


  1. I know somewhere you can find really good cosplay costumes. They provide free shipping and special tailoring!

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  3. My mother made this costume for me. Got a couple of Halloweens out of it. Our dog hated it and would chase and bark at me when I wore it.