Thursday, November 15, 2012


A few months back I asked Luca, my intern, to make a report about current fashion and trends amongst his teenage associates.  Here is a list of some of his talking points.

1. Kamo means camouflage pattern is in.
2. Foamposites are something Luca seems obsessed with.  I'm not sure that he actually
likes them, but he talks about them a lot.
3. I pressed the point on these disgusting, poorly manufactured animal hats.
4. Polo seems to be as in as ever.
5. True Religion is some gross denim company.
6. Snapbacks over fitted baseball caps.
7. Black guys are cool.  Nothing new there.
8. Holister leading the Abercrombie storm.
9. Uggs, still depressing everybody.
10. This is when Earl Sweatshirt, from OF, returned to the world.
11. World Star Hiphop is a website that has all sorts of rap videos, and a lot of
cell phone camera fighting videos.  Luca was a big fan of one video that you can
get to by typing "KFC BRAWL" into the search bar.
12. BB belts won't go away.
13. Neither will busting a sag.  I think the jeans are tighter, but you still let your
butt hang out.  I think it's more impossible to walk.
14. Adidas tracksuits come back every 14 months.
15. Matching is out. Luca made a point, however, that you must be cleverly
mismatched and it has to look effortless, like you rolled out of bed and the
freshness just stuck to you.
16.  The graffiti on the side was a tribute to the KFC brawl thing.  I don't know if Luca is
currently running a tag crew called KFC.  I do know that he likes the idea of PFC,
which is the halal meat slinging Palace Fried Chicken.  I wouldn't be surprised if
Luca likes to eat PFC, but I'm pretty sure he likes the way it's funny best.
Not sure why this came out.  Maybe it's Luca's cool new nickname.