Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coloring Book Chronicles: Woody Woodpecker on Modern Art

Woody, his niece, and nephew tackle a lot in this coloring book.
The Twist, A Day at an Amusement Park, a Camping Trip, and, my favorite: Modern Art.
And almost the entire book is lovingly colored in by Julie, who spells her name backwards on the cover.
Julie must have been dyslexic.  The take-away is that her coloring was still incredible.
Woody scopes out how much this stuff is selling for these days.
Woody hits Pearl Paint for supplies.  There's so much potential in an Art Supply Store.
I can't help but find it depressing.
Modern Art.  Paint With Feeling.  Use Your Own Style.

I'm feeling Woody's cool black smock.
This is my favorite page in the entire book.
This is Julie's painting, not Woody's.
Then Woody gets creative.  That's cool.

See how Julie made sure to add the signature paint to the palette?
'Nuff Said.


  1. Julie's painting is actually pretty good.
    The red and black clash violently spewing blue all over the canvas. Even spilling some outside of it. Julie is not a follow the rules kind of gal. There is pink paint on the floor that she chose not to use. Some things we don't share with the world, even though every artist dips his brush in his or her own soul.
    Also the legs of the stool are blue.

    I love Woody! Being a gearhead and a prank connoisseur my favorite episode has got to be FRANKENSTYMIED. It combines mischief, mad scientists, and a mechanical man! And the sound the machine makes has a certain rhythm to it!

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