Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stick The Horn On The Unicorn

99¢ Stores came through a few years ago with a new version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, appropriately named: Stick the Horn On the Unicorn.  What a nice and welcome change.  Everyone in Frankie's Apartment has been playing a solid 10-rounds of Donkey every evening after 2nd Dessert for the last 7 years. Sometimes we play 80-rounds. It's an invigoratingly depressing way to get ready for our nightly Seinfeld block where we turn down the sound and do all the voices.  Unicorn is so much better than Donkey because Sudsy hates it and the kit comes with the awesome BLINDFOLD you see below.

We ran out of Twizzlers once while we were playing so I had to run out to Fazmer's Bodega on Sorgum Ave.
to pick up some more.  I still had on the blindfold - and guess what?  It started a chain reaction in
the Sixth Borough.  A chain reaction of FASHION and an official LEAGUE for serious players of
Stick the Horn on the Unicorn.  

So not only are the local ESP-kids showing off by wearing the blindfolds around town without bumping into
everything (like I do), but all the graf-heads use the Unicorn Horn Stickers to sticker-bomb.

It's a nice sticker.

Rubbish hates the poster because he hates unicorns and all the talk about unicorns that comedy
people have been doing over the last decade or so.  I ain't letting them spoil all my unicorn fun,
but he's sort of right.  It's so weird when a little piece of comedy catches on and it gets kicked down
the trough far enough that cornballs start spitting it like they got chops to rock jokes.
Sarcasm used to be something that a person generated naturally.  Now they teach it in