Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sherbert (Sherbet) Cures Migraines

Got a migraine on a video mission to Ozone Park and Jamaica last night.  Had to grab a car service
back to my Apartment while on Liberty Ave, which is like being out by JFK in taxi parameters.  About
as far as you wanna go in a cab.  A little too far.

Luckily I was with Rubbish (my best friend -- a rat), who ducked into the sewer and took a Gondola ahead about a mile to find the nearest car service -- RPO Car and Limo out in South Richmond Hill.  For those that don't know that the rats of our city operate their own little taxi service, yes -- super fast, super-romantic sewer gondolas, well, now you know.  Anyhow, here's RPO's website:


They are great.  Please hit the website quick -- it looks all corporate and super-caucasian, but I assure you -- it's actually super-cool, efficient, and 100% ethnic.  Run out of a skinny little office on a 128th Street, they're located in the middle of a pretty wild neighborhood with tons of fresh produce, 99¢ Store magic, and old storefronts.  Rubbish did his best "I'm-Not-Really-A-Rat routine" and they bought it.  Rubbish came with the cab and found me a few blocks back, wandering in zigzags doen Liberty.  I was nearly passing out in front of a place called Dollar DAN$, when the Lincoln opened it's door.

Anyhow, I get migraine headaches from time to time.  They are almost always triggered by light.  Often,
crossing from a shadowy area into a brightly lit, usually florescent area will make it happen.  First, I'll
go half-blind in one eye -- I'll see those semi-argyle patterns that you see when you press hard on
your eyelids with the balls of your palm.  Me and my friends used to do that all time when we were
kids, then try to walk across the room fast.  We'd usually fall down.  After the pattern recedes into
memory, I'm fine for a bit -- then a two-ton elephant sits on my head.  It hurts, and makes me
somewhat stupid.  You can tell it's real in this picture.

Back in my workshop, the only ice I had in the freeze (aside from Bill the Snowman's body) was this
old tub of Orange Sherbert.  It helped.

And what the hell is SHERBERT anyway?  Rubbish likes it, but he uses it as an ingredient in his
hot tub.  Rats have a whole different sense of hygiene -- and fun.

Melted Sherbert, post-migraine.

It's always reassuring when there's SUGAR then CORN SYRUP then HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP,
all one after another on an ingredients list.

Here's some stuff from wikipedia about Sherbert.  We always called it Sherbert.