Tuesday, November 13, 2012

UNDERWATER: Fish Gravy Tureen

Technically, the credit for scoring this belongs more to my wife than to me.  You wouldn't believe how
much currency the "credit" for doing or finding something holds in my apartment.  We've even developed
a system where we can barter these credits in order to score more credit for something that is even
more important to us, that maybe we don't really deserve the credit for.  We're thinking of coming up with
some actual designs of Frankie's Apt. "play money" to physically keep tally of who's credit belongs to who.
Seeing as the play money idea was my idea, I instantly get some credit and that credit would
become play money if we had any.  It's a nice system because it's neither capitalist nor communist.
It's simply crazy, which is really what Frankie's Apartment is all about.
On another note, I want this Fish Tureen to hold Swedish Fish, not fish gravy because
fish gravy is gross.