Wednesday, November 7, 2012

INTERN DIARY: October 22, 2012

THE STORY SO FAR: My "intern" Luca busted his ACL and has been limping around on crutches.  As an accessory to his crimes of unending boredom and living-inside-his-TV, he's been medium-nice enough to keep this lovely diary for us, in the form of text messages that he sends me when I beg for them.

Luca's School, originally Seward Park High School, now has several "schools-within-the-school".
Luca goes to Essex Street Academy.
The Dean's Office he's talking about must be this way.
When you run out of class, you wind up in the hall.
Luca's class.  I'm assuming most of these kids went to Six Flags.
I don't think this is the gross version Luca's talking about.
Luca, in an overly appropriate t-shirt.

All photographs taken by Luca Guidolini.