Wednesday, November 28, 2012

York Pennsylvania Toy Extravaganza

This sign says it all.  Me and Rubbish had to go pick up some supplies.

New West Hall's got the joints.  Old West Hall's got a lot of cars.  Mad Hot Wheels.

My favorite display at the show.  A 2$ toy rifle and a disgusting 70's painting of some jerk.
The pegboard really brings it together.

Um... 10 DOLLARS!?  For a bullshit no-head, lost-his-foot late-in-the-game Micronaut asshole!?
Look, I know my stuff, I know that these later Micronauts are sort of rare, but at least slap a
Playmobil head on the poor fella.  Sculp homeboy a foot out of some Bubbalicious.
Do something.

Someone, once upon a time, made this Ronald McDonn-o out of Lego.  My man Mojo found it
like this and here it is.  It's cracked out, yes, but it makes more funny sense than Ronald McDonn-o
did in the first place.

Mojo also found these excellent handmade puppets that came out of a studio where they made a
regional Kids Show!!!  

Mr. Walrus is one of the best and most unique toys I've found in a long time.
Mojo wouldn't sell.

The puppets were made by Martin Puppets out of Princeton.

Another favorite thing I seen.  Even more shriveled up California Raisin Puppets.

I love the sexy thighs on this French-Fries-In-A-Cone mascot.  Plus, he's obviously zooted.