Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1/2 Price Sale at Brothers Deli on 13th St. & 4th Ave.

The super-wack Brothers Deli on 13th Street and 4th Avenue in Manhattan is having a Going Out of Business Sale.  Everything is half price.  Salami, tuna salad, Windex, Snapple, Beer. That means that everything is finally the price it always should have been cause this substandard monstrosity always charged way too much for 7-year old product.  It was always a terrible store and jail-filthy and the guys who worked it had such horrible attitudes that I can only guess they were hired out of some clinic where they'd been told they were gonna die pretty soon.  I'm glad it's closing.  I wish it had never been open.  All their candy is mad dusty.  I once bought a piece of Bazooka here that tasted like sardines.  The bagels here convinced me that maybe the Thing is actually made out of bagels, not rocks.  They should donate whatever Reese's Peanut Butter Cups they have left to the Board of Ed so they can use them to write on the blackboard, you feel me?  On a scale of rat to cockroach, I give this place a big fat tarantula.

I am trying to negotiate buying this sad piece of neon.
Hey -- while I was there, I took advantage of the sale.  I might have hated them, but cheap fluff is cheap fluff.
1. Strawberry Fluff.
2. Regular Marshmallow Fluff in the QUART TUB.
3. Food coloring set from 1984
4. Garlic Spread (IDK what it is!)
5. Canister of Charms Sour Balls
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