Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rost 357

In 2001, the Apartment Crew dropped a record called Kid America and the Action Figures, under the name Bandy, which I've posted about before. The last track, below, first features my father singing his retarded rendition of God Bless america, followed by George, aka Mr. Parfenix, dropping me an answering message about the death of Rost 357.  I found some pictures to further explain the meaning of Rost, the Bodé style tagger from early 80's Astoria who bought it in 1998 cause he messed with drugs and couldn't stop messing with them.  He used to wear a black zip-up and scrawl Slayer and Black Sabbath 666 on all the local mailboxes.  Even after he semi-retired and started working his doorman gig on the Upper West Side...  He told me I reminded him of Noel Redding.

The Shrine.

Rost, on the left, in Astoria Park with an open Bud, when it was still legal to drink outside.

Everyone was scared of Joey, the guy on the bottom.  He was always being whispered about.

Willie rolled tight with Rost near the end.  He was a degenerate gambler.

I need a cold one!!!