Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ol' "Apple In Mouth" Cartoons

Back in the day, if Cartoon Characters were in the dead of winter or stuck on a desert island,
they would imagine each other on a platter with an apple stuck in their mouths.
Those were simpler times, when plots were driven by
wacky birds and silly rabbits' appetites and hunger.
This reminds me of this dilemma I'm having.  Even though I got all the grub I can eat,
including an "All Access" Pass into Frankie & Melia's refrigerator,
I still can't get the image of an apple jammed into Sudsy's mouth out of my head.
Maybe I should pay a therapy visit to Bill the Snowman.
Oh wait... I picture him on a platter with an apple jammed into his mouth also.
Oh well.