Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Street Sign

"Fugit Hora," the motto of the Sixth Borough, means: TIME FLIES.


  1. Time Flies is a small cult sci-fi film from the 80's about a crew of wisecracking Flies who find a Time-Larvae and use to....... awe I can't through with this. It's too dick.

    1. I can't through with a lot of things Rubbish. Sometimes I try to through but I find my throughing skills are not up to par. Throughing is fun but it can also be dangerous. Remember to through your vegetables and always through your Grandma if she sends you a fiver in your b-day envelope. Throughing tacos is fun. I like to through giant bags of miniature Reese's. Through your self, you'll be a better man. Through before bed, but not before dinner. And remember always through DOWN, because if you through up, it means you played yourself.

  2. Let me tell you another thing: Time Flies when you don't know what's going on too.

  3. My co-worker has bin throughing alotta fits recently. I think is gotta to do wif me constant correcting her grammar and propa yous of syntax in our email exchanges.