Sunday, March 17, 2013

6th Borough Circus

When the 6th Borough Circus comes to town everyone hides.  No one is stupid enough to go, because the 6th Borough Circus is operated by a bunch of DEAD people.  Oh sure, some of our non-living
neighbors hit it up -- Sudsy's there every night cursing them to
hell, Mort the Mummy from 10Q enjoys the Skeleton-Dog act, and the Zombies that
run the Dry Cleaners on Sorgum go because of that weird Giant Brain that performs
the Telepathic horse show thing where there aren't really any horses.  Scariest thing about
the circus is that they always arrive by Hurricane -- Dorothy Style.  If you happen to be
in the Staples parking lot when they come, you could wind up surrendering your
Sapphire Stan Smiths to the next up and coming 6th Borough goofball that's hanging out.