Monday, March 25, 2013


Now other blogs have beat us to this, and thanks to Flatbush Brown for the tip, but what these other web
portals don't know is that Pomander Walk on 95th Street in Manhattan is a for-real lost part of the Sixth.

Don't know where they came up with the silly name Pomander.  Even though they've cleaned it up a
bunch anyone from Zaghaven could tell you that this is none other than Kilowatt Alley; last seen
in the 6th Borough in 1996. 

Kilowatt was the easiest by-way to get to the Candy Factory, allowing weary workers to avoid
the dreaded Blue Kills Park, which had been gangland since the 70's, when the Zebra Council
still held the most sway.

The transference of Kilowatt to Manhattan's Upper West Side is an inspired bit of relocation.  By 1990
it was no longer the safe stretch it used to be -- it was there that Green Pumpkin graffiti was first seen.

People started to vanish in '91, and by '96, the whole stretch was gone.

Once we found it, we kept watch on it for 2 days.  No one came.  No one left.

The only mark of a person was this Schwinn 2-seater.  When I showed the photo to Mr. Parfenix,
he confirmed that the bicycle used to belong to the Moloyki twins, two old Zebras that dated
back to the First Rumble.