Monday, March 25, 2013

Alex's MVP; Still Crazy After All These Years

When I was a kid it was Baseball Card Guys VERSUS Comic Book Collectors.  I was way more of a
Comics Kid but I collected Topps and Donruss and Fleer and Upper Deck from like 1988-1990.
In a way, I hate baseball cards, because it's like weird photos of a bunch of dudes in kinda busted
outfits.  But on the other hand they're a really great bit of design and sometimes the players' photos
are hilarous.

Back in '06, the entire Frankie's Apartment season was dedicated to baseball.  We designed outfits for
our team, the Sixth Borough Squirrels, and we took a lot of video of all the characters pretending to
play baseball.  We played the game "Baseball Stars" on the original NES and taped the games as we played
them.  Rubbish and I did commentary on the games from a lawn chair set-up in Mr. Parfenix's
backyard.  We interviewed a ton of little leaguers and ended the season with a release of our
own baseball cards, which we hand distributed to candy stores in Queens and Brooklyn.
Alex's MVP on E.89th St. in Manhattan, now celebrating it's 25th anniversary, provided us with
tons of their expertise when we needed help with:
A. Designing uniforms
B. Making Baseball Cards
C. Learning the rules of Baseball